How to choose the right ISO Consultant

ISO Certification

The current competitive marketplace is demanding for quality products and services that deliver exceptional customer experience. Getting globally recognized as a “quality first” brand can be the key to achieving a competitive edge in today’s growing global marketplace. If you are considering certification, choosing the right ISO Consultant is a critical decision that will determine how efficiently and seamlessly your certification process will take place. The right consultant can also change how fast you achieve certification.

In the whole process of ISO certification, your ISO consultant plays a pivotal role in terms of providing solutions for problems you may not have even realized. Hence your consultant must be knowledgeable on the process flows, required optimizations and compliance parameters.

Important note: An ISO consultant cannot give you an ISO certificate, that is the role of a Certification Body (CB). Your consultant is responsible for setting you up to be ISO compliant and passing the external quality audit performed by a third-party auditor from a CB. It is only after passing your external audit that your organization is issued the ISO Certificate. Consider your ISO consultant an extension of your organization, not a third party.

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